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Dear visitor, welcome to my webpage. Who am I and what do I do?

unnamed (2)George Gabelics, online marketing expert and DXN business builder. I have almost ten years of experience in the field of marketing and I got my knowledge at the dominant participants of the market. During the years I took part in the managing and planning and evaluation of more than a thousand campaigns. I also occupied the position of campaign manager, head of media/salespersons, as well as marketing director on the inland display online market.

I am a functional expert but I also testified as a tutor; at Corvinus University I gave a lecture on online marketing as a guest instructor.

Recently, I have been holding the position of strategical marketing adviser, respectively I work as an online and network marketing specialist; these two areas are my job, my hobby and my love.

152A5278SEPOn my page you can learn about me in the adequate column. If you would like to work with me or you only have a question or comment, then look for me with confidence at my contact.

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